How to I sign up for this trip?

click here and fill in the spreadsheet to register your interest so that we can keep you in the loop. 

What am I signing up for?

As of Sept 2019: We are actively searching for a location that can accommodate a group of family and friends for 3 days over the eclipse and to provide a range of sleeping options - beds through camping. The hope is to find a large property that can accommodate all of us, for the very least the day of the eclipse at best for a few days around. A fall back is to select one of the towns along the eclipse path with enough rental accommodation so that we can everyone book our own accommodations according to their budgets and schedules. Do this effectively we'll need some idea of who can make it - so please register your interest! 

The expectation will be for self-reliance beyond this. We are not coordinating a package tour, just finding a suitable place for us all to stay over the eclipse. Getting there and back, transport, activities and things to do before or after are out-of-scope of this planning. However, we'll provide a tab on the website closer to the date so that people can self-coordinate activities with others interested in the same things. This is a great opportunity to plan your own adventures in Argentina and Buenos Aires while you are in Patagonia for the eclipse!